#RebootWhyte Event: Success!

On August 28th, about 100 Edmontonians took action for a safer, more human-scaled Whyte Avenue.

People gathered at Corbett Hall on the West end of Whyte.


So many kids! (Photo courtesy of Nelson Niwa)

The walk-bike-skate then proceeded down Whyte to the Isaak Kornelsen Memorial Parklet.


“Borrowing” some space from cars to get the procession down the avenue (Photo courtesy of Michael Kalmanovitch)

Once everyone arrived they gathered around to hear Jon Behnke and me say a few words.



Bad audio and an unprepared speaker. But hey, it was a friendly crowd! (photo courtesy of EBC)

I met many supporters at the event, including the parents of the late David Finkelman, a casualty of Whyte Avenue that has had a particularly large impact on all of us.

We then showed our respect to the victims of Whyte with a moment of silence.


(Photo courtesy of Nelson Niwa)

It was a strong showing of community support. In this busy day and age, when a hundred people show up, including many families with children, it shows that there is broad-based support for an issue, and that it affects a community deeply.